10 Ways The Woods Maine Is Adapting To The Future Of Travel

Covid-19 has forever changed the way we approach travel and hospitality.  We are looking at this as an opportunity to adapt to the new world,  understand the new needs of guests,  and deliver an experience that will leave them wanting more. 

Moving forward guests looking for a  luxury travel ...

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Four Must Experience Trails Near Norway Maine

One of the best parts of staying in Norway, Maine is the easy access to beautiful nature. When you stay at The Woods Maine, you're within easy driving distance to several trails that allow you to experience local beauty while getting your body moving. These are four trails we love near Norway...

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Diving into Maine's Finger Lakes

Here in Maine we are familiar with having our cities and natural wonders named, or confused, with more well-known destinations across the country. This tradition is all in good fun and goes back to a coin toss in 1845 that decided a new settlement in Oregon would be named Portland after the most...

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Why Outdoor Enthusiasts Vacation in Western Maine

For those of you with a real “do-it-yourself” explorer's mentality, Maine’s western reaches offer a limitless arena to make your own. In fact, the western scope of the state covers more land area than neighboring New Hampshire and Vermont combined. The outdoor attractions you’ll find here are...

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The Origins Of How Norway, Maine Got It's Name

When one hears of a town name in the United States that is the same as that of another country, it is natural to assume that the town was named after the country. But for the western Maine town of Norway, that is not the case. 

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