The Woods Maine Webisode Full Length Documentary

Treehouse Master himself, Pete Nelson, gets to experience a once in a lifetime reveal of one of the most Luxurious Treehouses he's designed and built with Nelson Treehouse & Supply. The owners of The Woods Maine, a privately owned luxury treehouse take you on their journey as they embarked upon building the treehouse of their dreams. 

Finding The Perfect Location For Our Treehouse Dream

Relive the first time the owners of The Woods Maine met world renown Treehouse Master Pete Nelson, from Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters. Watch as they carefully selected the future home of their Luxury Treehouse in The Woods of Norway Maine.

Design Rooted In The Trees 

One of our favorite features of our Luxury Treehouse is the ethereal and natural cedar branch spindles that line the stairs and decks of The Woods. Watch how each branch is carefully crafted to fit their new home amongst the trees. 

The Woods Maine and Nelson Treehouse & Supply Announce The Opening Of The Woods Maine

World Renown Treehouse Master Pete Nelson team up with the Owners of The Woods Maine to announce the opening of a Luxury Treehouse unlike anything you have ever seen. 

The Woods Maine: Through Our Child's Eyes

Experience the awe and excitement over and over again - as our daughter took her first steps up to her new home in the trees. I assure you when you come stay, you will feel the very same way. 

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